Top 5 Attractions In Edmonton

Top 5 Attractions In Edmonton

Top 5 Attractions In Edmonton

1. West Edmonton Mall

This is no ordinary mall. Covering an area of around 50,000 sq feet this is the largest mall in the North America. It has many zones separate for shopping, eateries, theatre, and attractions. Among the main attractions is GalaxyLand, a space-themed park with many fun rides and games. World Water Park is another section of the mall which draws huge crowds for its water slides and huge wave pool.

Driving Directions From West Edmonton Mall To My Office

2. Alberta Aviation Museum

This is located on-site at the former Edmonton City Centre Airport. This museum is the only museum which boasts of having the example of a ‘double-double’ hangar used by the British during the world wars.

Driving Directions From Alberta Aviation Museum To My Office In Edmonton

3. Elk Island National Park

Named after the Elk bird, this park is actually famous for the conservation of American bison. This park is not quite far from Edmonton and can be easily reached. Not majestic like the mountain parks, but great wilderness hiking available for an hour or a day at different fitness levels. There is also options for camping. There is also a beautiful lake inside it.

Driving Directions From Elk National Park To My Office is just half an hour by car. See the directions

4. Fort Edmonton Park

It’s a heritage family park with recreated architecture from the 19th century. It also has a fort and streetcars. The park is large. There are old cars and a steam train running around. The shops, hotels and a cinema built as of 1905, 1920’s are a rare sight that is preserved today. There are also many fun rides for kids and adults. They also conduct events from time to time.

Fort Edmonton Park is just 10 minutes from my office by car. Check the driving directions if you are coming from Fort Edmonton park

5. Edmonton Valley Zoo

This zoo built on 59 acres is home to 350+ animals is one of the smallest zoos in Canada but it has some rare Canadian animals like sea lions and seals offering fun and education at the same time. Lucy, the elephant is easily the main attraction of the zoo being friendly with the caregivers who can be seen having a good time with Lucy.

Driving Directions From Edmonton Valley To My Office (Just 17 minutes)


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