Tips To Move In Edmonton

Tips To Move In Edmonton

Over & above the fact that relocation can be a huge hassle – a taxing & stressful experience for anybody, it can also be a burden on your wallet.

Your first step towards moving will be your research on Google. Begin with some raw research & data & then narrow down you search to a more niche strategy once you have frozen your priorities.

Prioritise your search basis your needs – are you looking for an urban, semi urban or rural setting? Are the schools in the locality a priority on your list? Once you have narrowed down your search to a list of places, exhaustively look them up online to research their crime statistics, what other inhabitants of the place are saying about it. Heads up – the regions with the best schools tend to also be a notch better than other locations when it comes to other statistics as well – crime, ambience, scenery etc. have you looked up your location of choice on social media? Is there a Facebook page on the region? If yes, what are its members talking about?

When conducting your online research, do not forget to look up the government websites as well as the online portals of the local municipalities when deciding upon your relocation. Local rules, regulations & norms will play a big role in your every day at your new destination so it will always be worthwhile to familiarise yourself with them before moving.

Are you relocating for a new job? Did you get a promotion at your present company? How about asking for a helping hand from your employer? Most fair practice employers actually have relocation packages in place for their employees, both current as well as new. Some employers will even arrange for relocation agencies who will take care of your packing, inventory & transportation. They also provide additional financial assistance when an employee is relocating owing to company requirements.

Rather than investing in expensive packing boxes, bubble wraps etc., you could alternatively collect few packing boxes of strong materials readily available at your local grocery store. Such boxes are also available at your local liquor store & are handy when packing delicate glass items. Old newspapers & blankets are also excellent items with which to pack your belongings without having to strain your pocket book.

One of the biggest stressors when packing to relocate is time. Manage your hours efficiently & keep a few hours aside every day for your packing weeks before the actual shift. This way, not only will you be able to reduce your anxiety over a systematic relocation strategy but also save up on money by avoiding last minute purchases.

Maintain a packing box – a place where the all the items relevant to your packing such as scissors, tape, permanent markers etc. may be kept for ready use.

Always, always, always label all your boxes! Again & again people who relocate end up buying the same things that they already possess simply & because they do not want to undergo the nightmarish experience of literallyopening up every box for the most common household items. Ensure that each box is properly labelled with an itinerary by its side on all its contents.

How many times has your eureka moment of realising that you are finally all packed up been ruined by the immediate realisation that you have left an utter mess in its wake at your old apartment? Make sure that you clean as you go. Room by room. Cupboard by cupboard. Item after item. Over &above the fact that it will help you avoid the hassle of having to start from scratch after all the hard work you put behind packing, no honest bloke should be denied his hard earned eureka moment!

Host that garage sale. There is no point dragging along meaningless items that have no utility simply because they may or may not have been of some use for a very brief period of time a million years ago. Getting nostalgic about family heirlooms is understandable but one has to be picky & choosy when holding onto objects for their sentimental value. Pragmatism as opposed to emotional attachment will go a long way in not only reducing a lot of your relocating burden but earn you some much needed cash as well.

Don’t want to host a garage sale? How about donating all the items to the local thrift store? Don’t forget to collect your donation slip from the store as it will come in handy when filing for tax exemption.

All packed up & ready to go? When relocating, try & travel light if possible. Weigh in options on storage of household items & heirlooms that are not for everyday usage. You will be pleasantly surprised at the cost you will incur when storing items of remote usage.

Moving companies vary greatly in the list of services they provide & the corresponding packages that they charge. Make sure you do your due diligence before honing in on the moving company that best suits your relocation needs.



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