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You can search  properties that are listed in South Western Edmonton, AB on this page.  You can find 1,2,3,4,5 bed rooms or single family home in South Western Edmonton. You can also find some bungalows or condos that are listed here.  You can contact Lillian Howarth in case you need help with buying any of the listed property in South Western Edmonton, Alberta.

Overview About South Western Edmonton And Its Neighborhoods

Southwestern Edmonton is a suburban neighbourhood which is bound by 41st Avenue in the south, Whitemud Creek Ravine in the north, Calgary Trail in the East & North Saskatchewan river in the west. It comprises of Heritage Valley, Kaskitayo, Riverbend, Terwillegar Heights, Windermere & Blackburne.
Heritage Valley is bound by Anthony Henday Drive in the north, 41st Avenue in the south, Whitemud Creek in the west & Calgary Trail in the east. It consists of Heritage Valley Town Centre, Blackmud Creek, Graydon, Richford, Callaghan, Hays Ridge, Rutherford, Cashman, Heritage Valley Neighbourhood 13, Cavanagh, Chappelle, MacEwan, Allard, Desrochers & Paisley.

Desrochers was established in 2010 & is bound by 127th Street in the west, James Mowatt Trail in the east, 41st Avenue in the south & 25th Avenue in the north.
Paisley is named after Brian Paisley, the founder of the Edmonton International Fringe Festival. It is bound by Hays Ridge in the west, Graydon Hill in the north, Heritage Valley Neighbourhood 14 in the east & Chappelle neighbourhood in the south.

Blackmud Creek is bound by the Blackmud Creek Ravine in the east & south, James Mowatt Trail in the west & Ellerslie Road in the north. The majority of the housing in the locality are single family dwelling & the remaining few are duplexes & apartment style condominiums. Almost the entirety of the neighbourhood is owner occupied.
Kaskitayo was established in 1973 & in bound by 34th Avenue in the north, Anthony Henday Drive in the south, Whitemud Creek in the west & Calgary Trail in the east. It comprises of the following neighbourhoods – Ermineskin, Sweet Grass, Bearspaw, Keheewin, Twin Brooks, Steinhauer, Blue Quill, Skyrattler & Blue Quill Estates.

Keheewin means eagle in the Cree language & is bound by 111th Street in the west, 23rd Avenue in the north & Calgary Trail in the east. Almost the entire area was developed after the 1970s. almost half of all buildings are single family units while the rest are duplexes, apartment style condominiums & row houses. Less than 20% of all residences are on rent.

Riverbend was established in 1972 & is bound by the North Saskatchewan River in the west & north, 30th Avenue in the south & Whitemud Creek in the east. It includes the neighbourhoods of Ogilvie Ridge, Brookside, Henderson Estates, Falconer Heights, Rhatigan Ridge, Brander Gardens, Carter Crest, Ramsay Heights & Bulyea Heights.

Falconer Heights was developed in the 1980s & 90s & is bound by Rabbit Hill Road in the north, Terwillegar Drive in the east & Riverbend Road in the west. The most common form of dwelling in the area are for nuclear families & they account for three fifths of all residences. The rest are apartment style condominiums & duplexes. One in every five houses are rented.

Terwillegar Heights was established in 1992 & is bound by North Saskatchewan River Valley in the west, Whitemud Creek kin the east, Anthony Henday Drive in the south & 30th Avenue in the north. It consists of the following regions – South Terwillegar, Hodgson, Haddow, Magrath Heights, Mactaggart, Terwillegar Towne & Leger.

Magrath Heights was established in 2003 & is bound by 23rd Avenue in the north, Mactaggart in the south, Rabbit Hill Road in the west & Whitemud Creek Ravine in the east.
Windermere was established in 2004 & is bound by the North Saskatchewan River Valley in the west, Whitemud Creek in the east, Anthony Henday Drive in the north & 41st Avenue in the south. It comprises of Windermere, Glenridding Ravine, Windermere neighbourhood 5, Ambleside, Keswick & Glenridding Heights.

Keswick was established in 2010 & is bound by the 25th Avenue in the south, Ellerslie Road in the north, north Saskatchewan river in the west & 170th Street in the east.
All development in the Blackburne area happened after 1990. More than 3 out of every five houses in the neighbourhood are single family setups while the remaining are Duplexes, row houses & apartment style condominiums. More than 95% of all houses are owner occupied.

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Allard,Heritage Valley, Blackmud Creek, Callaghan, Cashman, Cavanagh, Heritage Valley Town Centre, Richford, Rutherford, Bearspaw, Blue Quill, Blue Quill Estates, Ermineskin, Keheewin, Skyrattler, Steinhauer, Sweet Grass, Twin Brooks, Riverbend, Brander Gardens, Brookside, Bulyea Heights, Carter Crest, Falconer Heights, Henderson Estates, Ogilvie Ridge, Ramsay Heights , Rhatigan Ridge, Terwillegar Heights, Haddow, Hodgson, Leger, Windermere, Ambleside, Glenridding Heights, Glenridding Ravine, Keswick.

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