Northwest Edmonton Homes And Condos For Sale

Northwest Edmonton Homes And Condos For Sale Northwest Edmonton Homes And Condos For Sale Northwest Edmonton Homes And Condos For Sale

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You can search properties that are listed in North Western Edmonton, AB on this page. You can find 1,2,3,4,5 bed rooms or single family home in North Western Edmonton. You can also find some bungalows or condos that are listed here.  You can contact Lillian Howarth in case you need help with buying any of the listed property in North Western Edmonton, Alberta.

Overview About North Western Edmonton And Its Neighborhoods

The northwest sector is bound by the city of St. Albert in the north, 231st Street in the west, 111th Avenue in the southeast & Stony Plain Road in the south. It majorly comprises of the regions of Big Lake & Westview Village. Big lake is bound by 231st street in the west, Ray Gibbon Drive in the east & Yellowhead trail in the south. It consists of the following regions – Hawks Ridge, Starling, Pintail Landing, Kinglet Gardens & Trumpeter. The lake after which region is named is located next to the south west corner of St. Albert & northwest corner of Edmonton. It gets its water from the Sturgeon river. The region is host to more than 200 distinct species of birds including the Franklin’s Gulls which nests along the western bay of the lake. The shore of the lake is also home to the Lois Hole Centennial Provincial Park.

Franklin’s Gulls are named after the Arctic explorer Sir John Franklin in whose 1823 expedition the Gulls were first spotted. This migratory bird breeds in central Canada & travels to the south of the equator during winter to regions like Argentina, Chile & Peru. The younglings take 3 years to reach maturity. Like most Gulls, they are omnivores.

They breed in colonies where the nests are constructed on the ground or floating on water. The gestation period of their eggs is around 3 weeks. The Lois Hole Centennial Provincial Park is named after Lois Hole, the former Lieutenant Governor of Alberta. Birdwatching is the most popular activity in this park as it hosts hundreds of different species including the Tundra Swan, Eared Grebe, Yellow Legs, Pectoral Sandpiper etc. Hawks Ridge was established in 2010 & is bound by Big Lake in the north, 231st Street in the west, Big Lake neighbourhood 5 in the south& Winterburn Road in the east. Pintail Landing is named after the Northern Pintail ducks that are native to Big Lake & was officially named in 2014. It stretches up to 215 Street in the west, Anthony Henday Drive in the East, Trumpeter in the north & Yellowhead trail in the south.

Trumpeter was established in 2008 & officially named Trumpeter in 2009. It is bound by 215 Street in the west & 199th street in the east. A ravine cuts it off in the south. As per 2014 census, it has a population of only 504. Kinglet Gardens is named after the Golden Crowned Kinglets & the Ruby Crowned Kinglets that are found locally in & around the Big Lake area. It is bound by the 231st Street in the west, 251th Street in the east, Yellowhead Trail in the South & Hawks Ridge in the north. The Golden Crowned Kinglet is a very small song bird that breeds in the coniferous forests of Canada. They mainly eat insects, insect eggs & spiders, emit high pitched calls on single note & are generally not afraid on human beings. The Ruby Crowned Kinglet is a small Passerine bird. It is migratory, breeds in the mountainous regions of Canada & is mainly insectivorous although it also consumes fruits & seeds. Starling was established in 2010 & is bound by 199 Street in the west, Yellowhead Trail in the south, Ray Gibbon Drive in the east & 137th Avenue in the north. As per the 2014 census, it has a population of 179.

As per the 2012 census, the Westview Village has a population 2,242. It was built during the 1970s & 80s & the majority of the homes in the area are manufactured homes. Manufactured homes may be defined as homes which are assembled in factories & then dispatched to sites to be permanently set up. The major difference between a manufactured home & other prefabricated homes such as modular homes etc. is that manufactured homes are required to have a wheeled chassis permanently attached to them. The remaining few homes in Westview are duplexes & almost all the housing is owned by its inhabitants.
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Neighoborhood Areas You Can Search In Our MLS Listings For North Western Edmonton Area

Big Lake, Hawks Ridge, Kinglet Gardens, Pintail Landing, Starling, Trumpeter, Westview Village.

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