Home Selling Tips In Edmonton

Home Selling Tips In Edmonton

When selling your house, you always have to put your best foot forward. Not only your prospective buyers but even your real estate agents would prefer a house that is easy to the eye, has all its documents in place & is preferably ready to move in. as with every other line in sales, make your customer’s life easy & happy when selecting his new home & he will return the favour.

Selling A House In Edmonton

For someone who is looking for selling a house in Edmonton, it will not be a very difficult task to get the required customers as there are many prospective buyers who are looking forward to buying houses in the area. But there are some things that should be kept in mind before you actually set out to sell your house. The process isn’t as easy as people think. A prospect has to actually like your house before they decide to buy it. And that is why it’s essential for you to keep your house in the best condition possible. And that can be done by ensuring the proper maintenance of the house. How to do that? Well, we are here to help you with that for sure.

Making Your House Worth Selling

One of the most important things that you need to take care of is that your house needs to look sell-able if you want to gather the correct customers for your home. And to do that you always need to make sure that your house is in the perfect condition. Otherwise, what is the point? Why would anyone want to buy your house if it is all rackety and broken? So, step one, clean up the place and make it look wonderful. That is the only way that you will pass the inspection test.

How To Pass Inspection Test?

Make sure there are no overgrown shrubs, weeds or shoots around the house, especially if it’s spring or autumn time. Hedge your foliage to make the first look of your house & entry to your door as enticing & attractive as imaginable. First impressions truly matter & even the most pragmatic of buyers will decide if the look & feel of a house appeal to his aesthetics in the first few seconds. Make sure that your door & windows are clearly visible from the curb.

Make sure that your house is painted that minor repairs that come within the purview of household chores are taken care of. This could include leaky faucets, bad electrical wiring, broken plumbing etc. To a seller or sometimes even to an agent, these seemingly insignificant repairs may not mean much but to an intelligent buyer, they signify added costs he had hitherto not taken into account. Worse, it may raise doubts in the minds of your buyer as to what other hidden costs he may have to incur once he takes possession – a thought that may very well permanently put him off from making any offers upon your house.

Make sure your furniture the inside of your house is so arranged so as to optimise bring out the layout of the home. The arrangement should show how spacious your house is & how much room is there for air to breathe. Do not keep your personal belongings – books, documents, clothes etc. lying around when a prospective buyer or agent comes visiting. A neat& clean house goes a long way in selling the ambience of the place & leaves a positive impression in the mind of the buyer. When a buyer sees a tidy outfit, he envisions himself living in the same stress-free environment.

Serious sellers who want a good deal on their house are often known to go to considerable length to make their house attractive. They may have professionals come in to clean the floor marbles, make the window panes shine & sparkle etc. Last but not least, make sure that your house smells nice when buyers come calling. Invest in a scented odour spray but ensure that the smell is not too loud for one’s olfaction.


Pull back those curtains let the light in. A well-lit house fosters a healthy environment to live in. ensure that the thermostat reflects the temperature in contrast with the weather outside. If its summer, make sure the air conditioner is on & if its winter, turn the heat on.


Sellers who want top dollar for their house are not shy to go the extra mile to ensure prospective buyers are mesmerised by their house. Present your house at its best at all times till such time when you not only get the best price for your house but can also turn over the place you called home for so many years to a good family.

Getting Your House The Proper Advertisement

Do not, I repeat, do not underestimate the power of good advertising. If you are absolutely sure that a clean and a well-maintained house is enough to get you the sales that you need, you are terribly mistaken, my friend. There is a lot to do when it comes to selling a house in Edmonton. And that brings us to our next step. And that is advertising. So now that you have your house ready for selling, how do you propose to let the prospective client know about it? Well, it is by advertising your house in the best way possible.

First of all, you need to make sure that you have a strong online presence because it is a must when it comes to selling a property in Edmonton. Now, many of you will agree to this that nowadays, the first impressions are the ones that last longer. And where can you make the right first impression? Online, of course. Nothing works better than a good photograph that goes well with an amazingly created advertisement. You will see the results just after you post the ad online. Good photography is a very important tip when it comes to selling the houses in Edmonton.

Social media channels are a great way of making sure that your house for sale is advertised properly and for that to happen you need to approach the social media platforms such as Facebook, and other such stages where you can post ads about your property and make a good deal happen. The trick here is to spread the information about your house to as many prospects as possible. So, it is essential that you properly advertise you home for faster and better deals.

Listing The Proper Price For Your House

Studies show that putting a proper price for your house while selling it will guarantee that it gets sold faster and you will most certainly get a good deal out of it. Having the proper price makes sure that the prospective clients are interested in your property and they are willing to buy it. So make sure that you have a proper pricing for your home. Not too less, and not too much. You don’t want to rip-off your customers and you surely don’t want to incur the losses while selling the house. The trick here is to make an estimate of the correct price that you would require to make a great deal happen.


All said done, rejoice! 2017 is shaping up to be a sellers’ market which means if you are in the mood to sell, you may be in for a very pleasant surprise. That is if you play your cards right of course. With the economy looking up & job growth going strong, more people are likely to be shopping for a new location this year so as a seller, you may very well find yourself spoilt for choices.


A robust economy; job growth means more millennials will be hunting for homes in which to settle in & start a family. What’s more, experts are of the opinion that this year, houses are expected to sell around 7 – 10 days faster than previous years. With skyrocketing mortgage rates across prime locations of the country, homely residential neighbourhoods which are easier on the pocketbook are expected to attract the bulk of the clientele.


A word of caution though this may be a good season for millennials looking to buy their first homes, they are unlikely to settle for a house outside their wish list. This means that they will not be compromising upon an enticing house in good condition without any major overhauls needed which is aesthetically appealing. Sellers would do good to pay heed to the warnings of realtors who urge any prospective seller to renovate & refurbish their homes before putting it on the market.

How To Price Properly?

As a seller, ensure that you are working with a seasoned realtor – a veteran who knows the tricks of the trade & is able to build robust relationships on both sides of the aisle. A battle hardy realtor on your side could make the difference between you closing the deal of your lifetime or your experience ending in bitter disappointment.


When pricing your property do not get overzealous & end up with a mark-up way higher than the prevalent market trends of your location. Research extensively over the internet, talk to experts in real estate extensively including your realtor to arrive at the optimum price for your property. While you do not want to suffer a prolonged agony of indefinite waiting should your property be overpriced, on the other hand, we would never want you to lose out on a good deal.


Last but not least, don’t forget to be present when your prospective buyer comes calling. Remember – even the most seasoned realtor would not be able to build a long-term relationship with your buyer. He will only think of making an offer when he grows fond of the present inhabitants of the house!


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