A Guide On Finding Rental Accommodation For Students In Edmonton

Finding rental accommodation for students in edmonton.

Selecting a subject to study in future is one of the most important decisions in student’s life but the decision becomes even greater when you plan to study abroad. Your manner and whole perspective of life changes by this decision, it allows you to see your life from a ‘global perspective’. It makes you a part of the international student body that is dominating the present world.

Staying In Edmonton

Edmonton city of Canada is one of the best places to for students for their education and lifestyle. After making your decision to come here and select a university or study a professional course the next thing you should be looking forward is a good place for accommodation. There are many options available for lodgings in the city. Below here we are providing you some of the best tips for accommodation when you are in Edmonton.
Staying In Campus In Edmonton: Many Colleges and Universities offer a chance to the students to stay in the campus. Hostels on campus are very good and one of the safest and easiest way to interact with people and students all over the world except the class hours and get involved with them in many other activities. You will get a private or large bedroom shared with many other students, cooking and dining facilities are in the hostel itself. Some colleges and Universities offer rooms for students with family too. Almost every on-campus hostel offers internet and telephone facility, parking and laundry. The Universities also guide you where to find a better accommodation if you don’t want accommodation in an on-campus hostel.
Living Off Campus In Edmonton: If you are planning to find an accommodation outside the college campus, then you will have a wide variety of choice to select from. You can contact your University or College, they will help you find out some of the best accommodations in the city. They will also guide you to their bulletin board link or the links which are recommended for students.
However don’t just depend on the University or its recommended site to find accommodation for you. An extra find and search is always good a better idea. You can start with some of the following options such as, browse through the sites of on-campus bulletin board as they are free to browse and you will find much additional information about the places which are close to the campus and what is the average rent charged in these areas. Find out what you have to look for before you sign a lease.
Renting And Sharing An Apartment In Edmonton: Sharing a rented apartment with your friends is quite a reasonable idea and you can save a lot of money by doing this. You will also feel comfortable to reside with your own country people as the city is new to you. It is not that difficult to rent an apartment, apartments which outside of the downtown area are quite affordable for students. Don’t worry about the location of your apartment, public transportation is excellent in Edmonton with trains, buses, and trolleybuses you can easily get to the college campus in time.
Subscribe a daily newspaper which will keep you informed about rental apartments. Keep on asking around others about it. Students who have been in your position before are the best source to get information, they know of vacancies and rents that are available.
Make sure you read the lease very carefully before signing it. And if you are in Edmonton already then try to visit the apartment and check if it is in a safe surrounding. Check on all the equipment that are included works well. Know about their pets and smoking policies.
Homestay Options In Edmonton: Homestay is a popular option among the students from foreign countries who come to study in Edmonton. Most of them are operated by Canadian families and are privately owned living in the lower mainland. Along with room and board, they provide you with some of the following options which depend on the homestay.

  • The option or private or shared rooms
  • TV, computer and internet access
  • Laundry facilities
  • Home cooked meals and the use of a kitchen.
  • Private or shared bathrooms
  • Assistance with learning English.
  • Airport pickup and drop off.
  • Assistance with transportation, banking, immigration etc.
  • A warm and friendly atmosphere in which the students can feel at home in.

There are many websites where you will get information about homestay, visit them and select a suitable one for you. You will get a suitable application to be filled and in addition to it, they will take you to Frequently Asked Questions section. Fill them very carefully. Doing this you will have a better idea of what homestay really is.
Edmonton cheers students from all over the world to study here. You will definitely find accommodations in a safe and sound environment of your choice.


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