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Overview About Eastern Edmonton And Its Neighborhoods

East Edmonton is a Federal Electoral District from Alberta, Canada.
In Canada, an electoral district is also known as a constituency or riding & is the backbone of Canadian democracy.
Each Federal Electoral District in Canada sends one member of parliament to the House of Commons while each provincial or territorial district sends one representative to the provincial or territorial legislature respectively.
Since 2015 there have been 338 Electoral Districts & & Elections Canada is the independent body setup by the Canadian Parliament to oversee Federal Elections.
In 1914, Edmonton East was created from the districts of Edmonton & Victoria.
Victoria was a Canadian Federal District that was created in 1907 after the creation of Alberta two years before. It was derived from the districts of Edmonton & Strathcona.
Victoria sent representatives to the Canadian House of Commons from 1909 to 1925 & was eventually dissolved in 1924 when it was collectively absorbed by the districts of Battle River, Camrose, Vegreville & Wetaskiwin.
When it was created, Edmonton East was a huge sparsely populated rural setup. A significant portion of this development would eventually be used in creating Athabaska in 1924.
Athabaska, a federal electoral district of Canada, send representatives to the House of Commons from 1925 to 1968. It was created by absorbing land from Battle River, Edmonton East & Edmonton West Ridings. This district was eliminated in 1966 & its parts absorbed by Athabasca, Peace River & Vegreville.
Although Edmonton East has predominantly been an urban constituency as its population has grown, it has lost many of its urban areas to other new districts. Regions from Edmonton East were used to create Edmonton Strathcona, Edmonton Northwest, Edmonton North & Edmonton Centre.
The federal electoral district of Edmonton Strathcona was created in 1952 & has been represented in the House of Commons since 1953. It was in the only constituency in Alberta from 2008 to 2015 where the Conservative Party could not make a dent.
The district is bound by the North Saskatchewan River in the north, Edmonton’s City Limits in the east, Whitemud Drive in the south & Whitemud Creek in the west & comprises of the neighbourhoods of Allendale, Windsor Park, Argyll, Terrace Heights, Avonmore, Strathearn, Belgravia, Strathcona, Bonnie Doon, Riverdale, Capilano, Ritchie, Cloverdale, Queen Alexandra Park, Empire Park, Pleasantview, Forest Heights, Parkallen, Fulton Place, Ottewell, Garneau, McKernan, Gold Bar, Malmo Plains, Grandview Heights, Lendrum Place, Hazeldean, Lansdowne, Holyrood, King Edward Park, Idylwylde & Kenilworth.
Edmonton Centre is bound by Whitemud Drive in the south, 170th Street in the west, CN Rail Line in the north & 97th Street in the east. In includes the localities of Elmwood, Downtown Edmonton, Lynnwood, Spruce Avenue, Laurier Heights, Rossdale, Parkview, Central McDougall, West Meadowlark Park, Prince Rupert, Meadowlark Park, Oliver, Jasper Park, Queen Mary Park, Crestwood, Westwood, West Jasper Place, Prince Charles, Glenwood, Sherbrooke, Youngstown, Dovercourt, Britannia, Woodcroft, Mayfield, Inglewood, High Park, Westmount, Canora, North Glenora, Gagnon Estate, Glenora, Grovenor & McQueen.
Edmonton North is a federal Electoral District of Alberta which sent representatives to the House of Commons from 1979 to 2004.
It was created in 1973 from Edmonton Centre, Edmonton East, Pembina & Edmonton West & dissolved in 2003 at which time it was absorbed by Edmonton East, Edmonton St Albert & Edmonton Sherwood Park.
Edmonton Northwest was represented in the House of Commons from 1988 to 1997. It was created in 1987 from Edmonton East, Pembina, Edmonton West & Edmonton North & dissolved in 1996 into Yellowhead & Edmonton West.
In 2000, Edmonton East was re-christened Edmonton Centre East. In 2003 Edmonton Centre East was dissolved & its area absorbed into new Edmonton East, Edmonton Sherwood Park & Edmonton Centre.
Edmonton Sherwood Park was created in 2003 & has sent representatives to the House of Commons since 2004. It was created from Edmonton North, Elk Island & Edmonton Centre East.
The new Edmonton East was created from regions of Edmonton North & Edmonton Centre East.
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