How To Choose the Right Seller Real Estate Agent In Edmonton?

Right Seller Real Estate Agent In Edmonton

Right Seller Real Estate Agent In Edmonton
If you are looking to sell a home or a real estate property, you should get a good real estate agent. A real estate agent would make your life easier in advertising, qualify the buyers, negotiate and get the right price for your property. But how would you decide the right real estate agent for you?

Now, since you would be paying the real estate agent around a good amount of money (usually 3 to 7% in Canada)  you must take care the right real estate agent. Even if it means you take the time out to interview a few of them.

1. Make A List

Do you know a friend or a relative who has recently sold a property? Go and ask them for a referral. If they had a good experience with their agent, they would be happy to refer their agent. Go to real estate agents websites like and get the contact of some local Canadian real estate agent or realtor companies.

However, this is just the starting point of your search. Schedule appointment with few of them to start your search for the agent which fits your need perfectly.

2. Past Record

With so many thousands of real estate agents, it is very difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. And tracking the past record is one of the easiest ways to do it.  important that you verify what kind of past records they have. Have they sold properties similar to yours in the past 12 months? You can ask your real estate agent to provide you with their past clients. Verify them by calling the clients.

Also look at their professional licenses and certificates. If they are a professional agent or a company they must be accreditated and certified.

3. Check Their Marketing Channels

A good real estate agent will be proactive in finding out buyers for your land or home. They will reach out to all potential buyers within their network. They will also launch a newsletter campaign or a postcard campaign within your area. A good real estate agent must also be having a strong online presence. Also, look if your real estate agent has a good support staff. At the very least, a real estate agent should have an assistant to help sort out the daily activities.

4. Look At Their Interests

Since you are selling a property, make sure your real estate agent has your interest in mind – someone who works exclusively for you.
Many real estate agents work for both buyer and seller- you must try to avoid this. If you do indeed go with the common real estate agent, be sure that you negotiate the right rates. Rates should be lower than the agent who works exclusively for you.

5. Sign The Right Contract

After you have interviewed and shortlisted a few, get a contract done. Be sure about the duration for which they will be listing your property. Normally 3 to 6 months is industry standard but for very rare properties worth millions the real estate agent might ask for more time like 1 year.  Hire a lawyer to understand the nitty- gritty of the contract. 
Agents usually use the common templates that they use with most clients. But if you don’t don’t agree with any clause ask the agent to change them. But be sure you sign on the dotted lines only if you are completely satisfied.


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