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Central Edmonton Homes And Condos For Sale Central Edmonton Homes And Condos For Sale Central Edmonton Homes And Condos For Sale


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You can look for properties that are listed in Central Edmonton, AB on this page. You can find the best 1,2,3,4,5 bed rooms or single family homes and you can also find condos, bungalows in Central Edmonton that are listed here.You can contact Lillian Howarth
in case you want help with buying any of the listed property.

Overview About South Western Edmonton And Its Neighborhoods

Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta, a western province of Canada which also happens to be the fourth most populous province of Canada & the most populous of the three prairie provinces of Canada – Alberta, Saskatchewan & Manitoba. Covering an area of about 660,000 sq. kms. or 250,000 sq. miles, Alberta & its neighbouring province Saskatchewan used to be districts of the north-western territories till they were established as separate provinces in 1905.

Alberta is surrounded by land masses on all sides & is one of only two such provinces of Canada. It is surrounded by British Columbia in the west, Saskatchewan in the east, north western territories in the north & the US state of Montana in the south. Alberta is one of only three Canadian provinces or territories to border only a single US state.
Edmonton is near the geographic centre of the province & provides primary supply to Canada’s crude oil from the Athabasca Oil Sands & other northern resource industries.
About 180 miles or 290 kms. south of Edmonton is Calgary, Alberta’s largest city. Calgary & Edmonton are the only two metropolitan cities in Edmonton where the population exceeds one million.
Alberta was named after Princess Louise Caroline Alberta who lived from 1848 to 1939. Princess Alberta was the fourth daughter of queen Victoria of England.
As of 2016, with a population of little over a million, Edmonton is the fifth largest municipality & the sixth largest metropolitan area of Canada. Also, Edmonton is the northern most city in north America with a metropolitan population of a million or more.
Edmonton is the result of the amalgamation of five urban Canadian municipalities – Strathcona, North Edmonton, West Edmonton, Beverly & Jasper Place that culminated in its formation in 1982. The city provides vital gateway to the oil projects in northern Alberta & diamond mining operations in north western territories.
Popularly known as Canada’s Festival City, Edmonton is also a cultural, governmental & educational centre. It is home to West Edmonton Mall, the largest mall in North America & the largest in the world till 2004. It also home to Fort Edmonton Park, Canada’s largest living History Museum.
The city is located on the north Saskatchewan river & has the same latitude as Hamburg in Germany, Dublin in Ireland & Manchester in UK. The terrain is flat or gently rolling with ravines & deep river valleys. The Canadian Rockies are located about 220 km or 140 miles to the southwest of the city.
The north Saskatchewan river more or less runs through the heart of the city, neatly cutting it into two halves. Before the construction of reservoirs in the mountains, this river would sometimes reap havoc & flood the river valley.

The city of Edmonton is divided into seven geographical sectors. The inner city corresponds with those neighbourhoods that have been deemed as matured neighbourhoods in the city’s municipality plans.
Central Edmonton comprises of Downtown Edmonton & surrounding neighbourhoods such as Boyle Street, Central McDougall, McCauley, Oliver, Cloverdale, Garneau, Strathcona etc.
Downtown Edmonton refers to the central business district of Edmonton. Located at the heart of the city, the downtown area is bounded by the 109th street in the west, the 97th street in the east, the 105th Avenue to the north & the 97th Avenue & Rossdale Road to the south.
Boyle Street, also known as Jasper East, is located in a neighbourhood immediately east of Downtown Edmonton. This neighbourhood is bound by Jasper Avenue East to the south, 82 Street by the east, LRT tracks to the north & 97th Street to the west. This area has a very large Chinese community as well as inhabitants of aboriginal descent.
To the north of Downtown Edmonton is located Central McDougall, a residential neighbourhood. This neighbourhood harbours the Royal Alexandra hospital, the Victoria school of Performing & Visual Arts & the administrative offices of the Edmonton Public School system. It is bounded by the 105th avenue to the south, 101st street to the east, 109th street in the west & 111th Avenue to the north.

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