Lillian Howarth Is Now Affiliated With Homes & Gardens Real Estate

Lillian Howarth, Edmonton’s best real estate agent is affiliated with Homes & Gardens Real Estate which is the most acclaimed real estate company in Alberta. Lillian Howarth has been built a strong reputation on referrals from satisfied clients whose expectations have not only been accomplished but exceeded, which is why more and more people are selecting Lillian Howarth for buying, selling real estate, downsizing your home, upgrading to a bigger home or only single-family homes.

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Why Lillian Howarth Is Your Best Choice?

Lillian Howarth is one of the most trusted names in Realty in Edmonton, AB. Over a period of eight years, our seasoned & veteran agents have helped innumerable households earn a good deal upon selling their homes & connected many buyers to the house of their dreams.

We wish we could share with you how many homes we have sold over the years to how many happy families. We wish we could share with you their dimensions, how many bedrooms, kitchens & living rooms. Alas! There have been many but we don’t keep count.

What we can share with you are exciting adventures we embarked upon every time one of our clients wanted to buy or sell a home. We build relationships. Friendships that last long after we have found you the house of your dreams.

At Lillian Howarth, we do not deal in houses. If brick, mortar & clay is what you are looking for, we will be happy to share the listings of some of our competitors with you.

At Lillian Howarth, we will find you your dream home. A place where your wife & you will build a family, where your son will come home every day from school & your daughter will have her first sleepover. We will find you a place where you can celebrate Christmas, Halloween & Hanukah every year. A place where you can go to sleep every night knowing that the biggest investment of your life was also the best decision of your life. A place to drop anchor after a hard day’s work & also to come back home to after a vacation.

Lillian Howarth, do not just find you your dream home or connect you to the best buyer for your house. We also play advisory roles in our capacity to help you out with your home loans – what the viable options are, which would be the ideal bank of choice for you, your credit score & corresponding borrowing power, the paperwork you have to submit in order to obtain your loan etc.

Are you a first-time seller or a first-time buyer? Don’t worry! Check out our step by step guide to selling or buying a house for the first time on our online portal. If you still have queries, give us a call.
We also specialize in renovation & refurbishing services. Are you a seller who is apprehensive about the faulty wiring of your house? How about the paint job that needs a fresh coat, the bad plumbing that needs to be worked upon or the overgrown shrubbery that needs landscaping? At Lillian Howarth, we are your one-stop solution to all your homemaker needs.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact Us or  Give us a call right now & let’s write a story together in our book of adventures!