9 New Schools For Edmonton This Year A Step In The Right Direction?

9 New Schools For Edmonton

9 New Schools For Edmonton
In this new school year, nine new public schools and five Catholic schools opened on the same day for the first time in Edmonton. The new schools have a total capacity of almost 9,400 students but they are ready for 3,400 registrations this year. There will be two more schools in the new year, according to reports. It is the first time in the history of Edmonton, that so many schools have started operations on the same day.

So, now the question is do Edmonton needs so many new schools? And, the answer is an astounding yes!! With so many young families and migrants coming to Edmonton this will relive the schools of pressure during admission. With population rising up in Edmonton, there are some schools which are operating at more than their capacity. This new schools will relieve the old schools of pressure. However, the pressure will be same for high schools for now. But in future, with these new schools ready for high school admissions, the pressure will be off.

Although, the idea of new schools is welcome with classrooms being overcrowded we should be cautious with regards to quality of education. Poor quality of teaching is a big challenge for public schools in Edmonton. Poor teaching quality is the reason for low scores and high drop-out rates. Yet, the process of getting rid of low-quality teachers is a challenging one in Canada, as we know from the controversy in Ontario.

So, although we welcome the formation of new schools in Edmonton, we need to be vigilant about the quality of teaching in schools.

Names Of 11 New Schools In Edmonton

  • Constable Daniel Woodall (Windermere) K-6
  • David Thomas King (Secord) K-9
  • Dr. Lila Fahlman (Allard) K-9
  • Donald R. Getty (Chappelle) K-9
  • Hilwie Hamdon (Hudson) K-9
  • Ivor Dent (replacement school in Lawton area) K-9
  • Jan Reimer (The Orchards) K-9
  • Kim Hung (Granville) K-7
  • Michael Phair (Webber Greens) 7-9
  • Shauna May Seneca (Walker) K-7
  • Svend Hansen (Laurel) K-9

Driving Directions From New Schools To Lillian Howarth Office

Driving Directions From David Thomas King School To Lillian Howarth

Driving Directions From Constable Daniel Woodall School To Lillian Howarth


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