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  • Are you looking for a top rated buyer real estate agent who would work exclusively for you?
  • Are you looking for an experienced seller real estate agent who can promote your property to a wider audience?
  • Do you want to buy condos? Or is it a single family residential home is that you are looking for?

Whatever, your need is. You don’t need to worry. Lillian Howarth is the best suited top rated real estate agent having decades of experience in buying and selling properties in Edmonton.

Lillian Howarth is the most trustworthy name in business when it comes to property dealings in Edmonton. Are you a millennial living on your own or looking for a single family apartment? Are you looking for beautiful and affordable condos in the Edmonton area? Or are you looking for a duplex or economical houses that you are seeking? How about gated building apartments? We have got you covered.

Why Lillian Howarth Is Your Trusted Estate Advisor For Selling Properties In Edmonton?

No matter how unique your apartment needs, at Lillian Howarth, we have your perfect home. Whether you want a house in West Edmonton that is a stone’s throw away from the largest mall in North America, an apartment in the urban district of east Edmonton or a house in South-West Or South-East  Edmonton near the largest open-air retail outlet, we can get you the property of your dreams where you like it just the way you like it.

Over and above the locations mentioned above, we also deal in houses, apartments & building complexes in southwest, southeast, central, northeast & northwest areas of Edmonton.

Looking for residence in any of the new & upcoming apartment buildings in southwest or southeast Edmonton? How about a house to enjoy the vibrant evening life of northeast part of the city? Or perhaps a beautiful condo near the university area?

For more than 8 years, I have discharged my services to our clients with utmost professionalism & integrity. It is the reason why I am one of the most respected realtor when it comes to residential real estate in the Edmonton area. Over the years, not only have we helped our innumerable happy customers find a new home for themselves, we have also helped many sellers get the best deals on their houses.Lillian Howarth agency is one of the top notch Edmonton real estate agencies.She is undoubtedly one of the best realtors in Edmonton.

So, whatever your needs are. You can leave your worries to us. Looking to buy or sell Real Estate property in or around the Edmonton area? Are you looking for a good and professional real estate agent in Edmonton with a proven track record? Look no further! Lillian Howarth is one of the top Edmonton Realtors.

At Lillian Howarth, we are not real estate agents. We are home makers.

Lillian Howarth now works with Homes & Garden Real Estate, Edmonton. This is a recent development. Earlier she used to work with Real Max. But she is not associated with company anymore.

Want to Know More About Lillian Howarth?

To know more about Lillian Howarth, go to the About page  and read her testimonials.

If you want to get in touch with her, drop her a message here or Call (780) 915-0710


From luxury residences to studio apartments, from the economical family residence to new gated security estates or instead you have always desired of buying a new home with exceptional yesteryear charm I can provide you with the professional service you desire.

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Lillian Howarth Homes & Gardens Real Estate strives to be the best and most prosperous real estate company in our areas of operation if you are looking for affordable houses or property for sale. Whether your real estate agendas are small or large, Lillian Howarth Homes & Gardens Real Estate is superbly positioned real estate company to assist you in selling your property in Edmonton and surroundings.

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